"Kifaru African Expeditions"(KAE) offers the best experience in the African Jungle.
("Kifaru" is a Swahili name for Rhinoceros)


A Safari of your lifestyle is our duty. Smell...Experience... and Explore... East-Africa with Kifaru African Expeditions.

KAE identifies three types of tourist suitable for the local communities to benefit;

  • Eco-travellers (interested in nature),
  • Explorers (interested in culture and meeting local people) and
  • Individual business Travellers (those who add tourism on to their trip).

Every financial year KAE donates 15% out of its Community Link Fund (CLF) project to a local NGO (AClem Ungawa-Uganda) an advocacy NGO on child development and wildlife conservation.

Special camping Safaris available on almost half the normal hotel accommodation price

Safari adventure
Ohh...UGANDA comes in style after being voted number one destination by Lonely planet for 2012. Join our Primate adventure safari for your nature experience. Also available are;, short and less expensive. Just click  on Lakes – Game - Primates 8 Days or Rwanda. On promotion is our KFA-13 Purely Camping Safari , 13 Days.


Mapendano Voyages   AClem - Ungawa for Children Uganda
 Partnership association
"We love to travel and it shows"
  AClem - Ungawa For Children Uganda (AClem)
"Hope for the future of the children"